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"Gathering for the Holidays" 1991

This was our first digital Christmas Card, using Poloroid photos and Adobe Photoshop to recreate a Victorian scene using our family.

Gathering for the Holidays
We enjoy the companionship
Of loved ones near
And cherish memories
Of former holidays
When others whom we
Held dear as family
Sat by our sides.

An uncle, long departed,
Takes on the familiar chore
Of yesterday.
Carving the giant bird
And casting sober looks
From chair to chair.

We know him
As Father—

A cousin
Dusty in our memories
Now visits us again
With golden hair.
And youthful laugh
As Sister—

The immediacies of life
Deceive us into believing
That our generation is quite
And that the outcome of our fate
Remains squarely on our

But life’s song is too often played
Around us.
Its crescendos mounting
In time
To a greater orchestration
Than can be heard
By any single generation
Bound within the limits
Of its own brief destiny.