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"Quarter to one on Saturday" Christmas, 1990

A line of nine and
Ten year olds
Runny noses trailing down
Their sleeves
In scarves and
Ear muffed caps
Clutch quarters
Waiting for the show to start.

The snow began at ten.
A dusting wet enough
To pack and lob at cars
And passersby
Till the ticket window
And the row of toppling youths
Fall towards the door.

Once inside
Some battle towards the scent
Of popcorn scooped hot
Into bags and boxes.

Others rush to machines of candy
Nickels fall
And levers pull
Milk Duds, Tootsie Rolls
And the longer lasting
Jujubes and Necco Wafers
Into trays
And waiting hands.

The curtain parts
For two cartoons
Next week’s preview
Then the feature film
Projected against
A kaleidoscopic background
Of spinning, flying popcorn boxes
And a cacophony of melodies
Hummed through candy boxes
Rhythms added
By popping bags
And soda cups flattened into base notes.

The dreams of heroes
Blazing trails
And conquering lands
Five times human size
In al too vivid
And a Cinemascopic view
Far beyond the realities
Of any child.

They remain with us
As adults
Blending with the memories
Of growing up.
Coloring the world
In which we live
Making it so less real
Than what was played upon the screen
Between one and three
On Saturday.

Wishing You an Award Winning Holiday Season