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Willistown Winter, 2016

There are many who don’t like Pennsylvania winters,
The broken limbs and pot holes, the downed electric lines,
The shoveling and the freezing cold.
The day of our one large storm last winter
Had put me on assignment to capture photos of neighborhoods
In all corners of Delaware County.
It was a brilliant sunny day, and people everywhere were out early
Shoveling their walks, pushing cars, many not their own,
And talking with their neighbors... for the most part smiling,
Civil, challenged and unified in their tasks.
The inclement weather had formed a bond that seemed to unify communities
Covering differences in cultural and economic concerns with a white coating
To stow away small grievances and help to make the world... for a moment
More beautiful.
May your holidays and winter be
most beautiful this year!

– George Rothacker, 2016